You'll be surprised by what you can do for your skin in 60 seconds

What’s the 60-second rule? No, it has nothing to do with dropping your food on the floor. It’s actually a skincare rule that can change your life. 

The 60-second rule is a new way to wash your face, and it requires a full minute of washing to get the best results. That’s right, a full minute of washing your face with your favorite cleanser rather than the 10 seconds you currently spend on this task.

Explain the 60-second rule

The concept was created by Nayamka Roberts-Smith from LABeautyologist, who tells her Twitter audience that 60 seconds is necessary to let the cleanser really penetrate your skin and actually do the job it’s supposed to. 

She further explains that you simply don’t get the same effects in a regular wash as you will by following the 60-second rule. By gently rubbing your cleanser into your face for a full 60 seconds, it softens the skin and dissolves sebum blockages better. This can lead to an overall improvement in the evenness and texture of your skin.

Why the 60-second rule works

It does seem pretty obvious that washing your face for an entire minute would be good for it, but try it–it actually feels like a very long time. In fact, it’s three times longer than the 20 seconds the Centers for Disease Control recommends for hand washing

So why so long? Your face is typically covered in makeup, dirt, and oil. While dirt and oil are known to be tough to remove, they’ve got nothing on your makeup. 

Makeup is designed to stay on. In fact, you probably buy long-lasting makeup on purpose, so you look as good at the end of the day as you do at the beginning. No wonder it takes a long time to fully remove it.

There’s an added benefit to cleansing your face for 60 seconds; it forces you to pay attention to what you’re cleaning. Few people are going to rub just the apples of their cheeks for a full 60 seconds, but they will be more thorough and get the rest of their face. This means that the often forgotten spots under your chin, around your nose, and up into your hairline are no longer neglected.

Facial massage benefits

While you're rubbing your cleanser into your face, you’re not only helping it get every area of your face clean, you’re massaging your face, and there are significant benefits that come with that. Especially with a cleanser like Simple Beauty’s Daily Purifying Cleanser, which is packed with nutrient-rich botanicals. 

Increased circulation. As with any massage, the action increases blood flow to the area, which in turn means more nutrient-rich blood and oxygen reach the skin. 

Relieves tension. Your face is responsible for a whole lot of emotion and expression during the day, and a quick massage can relieve any tension you’re holding on to.

Reduces congestion. If you suffer from congestion, a regular facial massage can prompt the loosening of mucus and allow for a less restricted airway.

Zit fighter. Massaging your face helps open your pores, which can prevent sebum from settling and forming pimples. It can also loosen and remove toxins that can cause pimples.

Improves elasticity. Massage helps strengthen your facial muscles, which then boosts the elasticity in your face. This helps hold off wrinkles, sagging skin, and other visible signs of aging.

To give yourself a safe and efficient mini-massage while cleansing, use the following tips.

♦ Use only the pads on the tips of your fingers, and move-in small, circular motions

♦ Always rub up and out because you want to fight gravity

♦ Be very careful around your eyes

♦ Include your neck to be extra thorough

A Daily Purifying Cleanser that works

The Simple Beauty Daily Purifying Cleanser is a gentle yet effective way to cleanse away daily impurities, makeup, and excess oils. Formulated with skin-soothing botanicals like chamomile and hydrating shea butter and aloe vera, this is the cleanser you want to use to make the most of your 60-second beauty routine.   

To put it simply

For the best results, you may need to wash twice. First to remove all of the makeup and grime on your face, massaging that cleanser in for 60 seconds. Then cleanse to lift away the residue. This will also require a 60-second massage during the cleansing process.

There’s no need to buy expensive products or try anything you’re not already using. Just incorporate this technique into your nightly cleansing ritual with Simple Beauty Daily Purifying Cleanser, and within weeks you’ll start seeing the results. 

It’s not going to be a miracle cure for wrinkles and acne, but you will notice your face is cleaner and brighter. You might even like how it feels more now that it’s getting regular massages.