How to be a beauty pro in the new year

Great skin can be genetic, but you also have to take care of it. Even if you are blessed with naturally glowing and youthful skin, neglect can cause rapid aging. Your daily habits, including diet, exercise, and beauty routines, all impact the health of your skin. 

The approaching new year serves as the perfect time to re-evaluate these habits and make the right changes to keep that skin healthy for many years to come. 

Skincare can be overwhelming, especially when entire stores are dedicated to beauty products. With so many things to choose from, how can anyone know what is good, what is bad, and what routine to follow? 

The good news is that skincare can be broken down into three basic steps. With these basic steps, you can be assured that your skin will be well taken care of, and the signs of aging will disappear. 


Cleansing or washing your face is the most important element of any skincare routine. Your face is exposed to the environment, dirt, oil, toxins, and makeup every day. By the end of the day, your face has quite a collection build-up on it that needs to be washed away. 

Thoroughly cleansing your face with a cleanser suited to your skin type removes impurities and bacteria, leaving your face feeling its freshest. Certain cleansers can also cause your skin to dry, so be sure to choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type to prevent this. 


Toning is a way to bring balance to your skin. Skin toners help to close the pores that were opened during washing. You need to close these pores to prevent any more dirt or grime from getting into them. 

A woman applying moisturizer.

Toners are especially beneficial for women with oily or acne-prone skin, as it provides an additional way to remove impurities that can cause oil and acne. Toners also remove chlorine and minerals from tap water that may damage your face after washing.


Moisturizing is the final important step to skincare and should complete every skincare regimen. The same elements that can accumulate on your face throughout the day can also dry your skin out. 

Like cleansers, you need to pick a moisturizer that is suited to your skin type. A thick moisturizer, for example, is not ideal for women with oily skin. The right moisturizer will create a balance for your skin, which will hydrate naturally dry skin and exfoliate oily skin. 

Moisturizing your face daily also reduces the appearance of blemishes and keeps skin looking younger for longer periods of time. 

Be consistent and be patient

Consistency is key to getting the best from your skincare routine. You need to perform the same basic tasks each day to ensure that your skin gets everything it needs. It would be best to be consistent with your products. 

From the cleanser to the moisturizer, buy products that are designed for your specific skin type. If you need help identifying this, speak with your doctor or a dermatologist to make sure you get the right products. The wrong products can make your skin worse and have opposing effects on what you are going for. 

It is also important to be patient. As much as skincare has advanced over the years, there is still no such thing as a quick fix. It takes time to nurture your skin back to good health, and this will depend on just how much damage may have been done. It also depends on your lifestyle choices. 

A woman applying toner to her face.

Smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, and lack of exercise increase the levels of oxidative damage in your body, which prematurely ages cells and skin. Even the best skincare regimen will not stave off aging if your habits are bad.

To put it simply

If healthy and youthful skin is a top goal for you, then skincare routines need to be your first New Year’s resolution. Knowing the latest products, practices, and remedies available for skincare is essential. It’s also important to develop a routine that is as unique as your skin. 

You can complete your outfit with the trendiest hairstyle and accessories, but nothing will complete any look better than a fresh, healthy, glowing face.