Halloween tips for looking chic and skin-fabulous while trick-or-treating

Halloween can be downright scary – for your face. Everyone wants to look fantastic, and wear that great costume that people rave about. But no one wants to deal with the repercussions of using janky costume makeup that can cause dry spots, zits, and even allergic reactions.

So how do you get the look you want without destroying your hard-earned perfect complexion? The following tips will help you look spook-tacular without ghosting your face.

Pre-Halloween prep

Make sure your face is ready for the big day weeks in advance. Eat right, take your multivitamins, use an all-natural cleanser, hydrate, moisturize – do all the things you’re supposed to do to have fabulous looking skin.

Shop your stuff

You don’t always need to buy new makeup or a whole kit to create a Halloween look. Check out the things you already own, especially the stuff you bought and then forgot about. Your personal eyeliner, glitter, and contouring makeup can replace a lot of stuff you’d buy for the holiday.

Avoid cheap kits

If you still need some makeup to get the right look, head to a department store and look through the cosmetics aisle. You don’t need to buy your normal products. We get it. They’re simply too expensive to use for one night only. But you also want to stay away from the cheap kits that are sold at pop-up costume shops. 

Store brands that you find at your local department store or pharmacy are a pretty good go-between. You should be able to find what you want at a price that won’t break your budget.

Less is more

Okay, so less might not actually be more, but it’s better for your skin. While a full face of green makeup gives you the perfect Elphaba look, you can probably achieve the essence of that look without all that makeup and with a little green glitter on your cheeks and across your brow line. 

Put a little more effort into the costume, and let that be your statement.

Try a tutorial (and try again)

There are so many great online tutorials that can give you a look you want with a lot of excellent instruction. Try your look with help from the tutorial, then try it again. This is a practice-makes-perfect situation, so give yourself time to hone your skills.

Set your look

Once you get your makeup done right, don’t forget to use a quality setting spray. Halloween makeup can be ruined pretty quickly if you haven’t set it in place. 

Remember, you’re probably not going to have time to do touchups. Pick up a great setting spray, and you’re good for the whole night.

Quality makeup remover

While putting on makeup is the fun part, taking it off is equally important, maybe even more so. Don’t skip this step, no matter how tired you are. Use your favorite makeup remover to get every last bit off before bedtime. 

Try using an oil-based makeup remover first to lift off the stubborn, long-lasting stuff. Then finish it up with a nice, light cleanser. If you really want to do your face a favor, wipe it down with a micellar water cloth. 

Moisture and massage

Of course, even with topnotch products and care, you’ve probably put your skin through more than it’s used to. This is why it’s important to give it an extra layer of moisture and massage. 

Use your favorite moisturizer or a deep hydrating one you saved for special occasions, and rub it into your skin gently using upward and outward motions. Massage your face for a minute or so to encourage circulation and to nourish your pores. 

To put it simply

Whether you’re going to go ghastly or glam, you can have that look you want for Halloween without undoing your skincare regimen. Try to use quality products over the cheap stuff sold at Halloween stores. 

Practice your look until you’ve got it mastered. Give your skin a little extra care before and after the holiday, so you and your skin are ready to celebrate.

If your skin is super sensitive or you’re afraid of a breakout, try to put more emphasis on your costume and hint at the facial makeup with clever contours and shading rather than a full face of costume makeup. 

As an added tip, watch the overindulging. Halloween is notorious for too much sugar and alcohol, both of which are really bad for your skin. If you limit your treats, you’ll be doing your skin an extra favor.