Maskne got you down? Mask hacks 2020

You’re doing your part to protect others and stay healthy yourself. Kudos and THANK YOU! But let’s be honest, most of us really don’t like wearing a mask, and we certainly don’t like the mask acne or maskne that results. 

The great news is you can still wear your mask and be a good steward of health while having incredible skin. All you have to do is tweak your skincare routine a bit. Who knows, maybe when it’s time to show off your smile again, your skill will be better than ever before.

Mask hacks for better-than-ever skin!

Masks are currently a part of day-to-day life for most of us, which means it’s time to adapt if you’ve been experiencing breakouts because of your 2020 sacrifices. The following mask hacks will help you prevent maskne and can actually improve your skin’s appearance.

Fresh masks

If you’re using a disposable surgical mask, make sure you dispose of it and don’t keep reusing it all the time, if possible. For cloth masks that are designed to be reused, they’re also supposed to be washed after every use. Either follow the instructions on the mask or use the following mask-washing instructions from the CDC:

♦ Wash in your regular laundry.
♦ Use regular detergent and the warmest appropriate setting for the cloth used to make your mask. 

Those are great instructions, but if you’re concerned about your skin, we suggest taking it a step further.

♦ Wash the mask in hot water or on a “sterile” setting. Just throw them in the laundry with your towels.
♦ Use a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic laundry detergent, even if you don’t currently use one for your clothes.

By taking your cleaning routine a little further, your sensitive skin is protected, oil and dead skin cells are removed, and your mask is clean.

Take a mask break

If you now have to wear a mask in your workplace, remember that even medical professionals get a break from wearing a mask. Taking a 15-minute break every four hours is a good idea. You obviously can’t just remove your mask and take a break, but you can slip outside and remove your mask, as long as you can remain socially distant, and you can remove your mask when you’re alone in your vehicle.

Wear the right mask

Wearing an ill-fitting, too-loose mask can sometimes make it almost useless in helping to prevent the spread of illness. If your mask is too tight, it can be very uncomfortable, restricting, and can cause maskne. Use the following tips to find a mask that fits you well.

♦ A snug but comfortable fit
♦ Find fabric that’s soft, natural, and breathable. Cotton is usually good. 
♦ If you have sensitive skin, stick to a surgical mask or a soft cotton one.
♦ Cotton interior material can absorb oils and prevent acne.
♦ Avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, and rayon to prevent breakouts or irritation.

Remember that a comfortable, snug fit will provide better protection, and it’s less irritating.

Wear less makeup

Your skin is going to be so happy to get a makeup break. Makeup can clog your pores and lead to even more breakouts, so why not skip it since no one will see it anyway. Remember, a little mascara can go a long way these days.

Stick to your skincare routine

Don’t give up on your skin because you think no one’s going to see it. In fact, you may find that you need to wash and moisturize even more than before. If you’re using any doctor-recommended skin products, speak to your physician to see how they recommend you handle their use while wearing a mask.

Try a pimple patch

Thin pimple patches will fight a breakout and help you avoid causing damage by popping. The best part is no one can see that you’re wearing them under your mask.

Cleanse more frequently

Find a gentle cleanser and use it regularly to maintain clean, oil-free skin. You might find that now that you’re not wearing makeup, it’s easy to gently cleanse each time you come home. Of course, if you are wearing makeup regularly, the Simple Beauty Daily Cleanser is also a great makeup remover.


Healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. When the cold weather hits, this is going to be a crucial step in keeping your skin looking great, with or without a mask. Simple Beauty’s Age-Defying Retinol Moisturizer is packed with antioxidants that work to enhance your skin’s softness. The blend of naturally-derived hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile work together to reinforce the skin barrier, which helps to lock in the moisturizer.

The Simple Beauty skincare routine

Have you established a Simple Beauty skincare routine? It’s even more critical during these times to treat your skin to the best products on the market, and it’s a little indulgence that you deserve.

The easiest way to get started on a healthy skin regimen is to begin with the Simple Beauty Bundle. With a daily purifying cleanser, fine line eye serum, age-defying retinol moisturizer, and skin-brightening spot corrector, you have everything you need to battle maskne and improve your skin’s condition and appearance.

To put it simply

Wearing a mask is the safe thing to do, but it has some downfalls. If you’re battling maskne, try skipping your makeup, using a different mask or cleaning yours more frequently, and cleansing your face every time you get home. 

People with sensitive skin who are battling irritation and even rashes should take a closer look at the type of mask you wear and how it fits. Try switching things up. Also, go light on the makeup or skip it altogether, stick to pure products that you trust, and maintain your at-home skincare routine. 

Establishing a skincare routine is one of the little things you can do for yourself that not only helps you feel better but it rewards you with healthier skin that’s radiant and energized. The Simple Beauty Bundle makes it easy to establish that routine for the skin you deserve. Imagine a time when the masks come off, and your skin is more youthful than before.