How micellar water may be the ultimate compliment to your skincare routine

It’s hard to pronounce, but it’s fantastic for your face. Micellar water is one of the trendiest skincare products out there, but this time it’s not just hype–it’s really worth it!

Micellar water, pronounced my-SELL-ar, is soft water that contains little balls of oil, which are called micelles. The oil is attracted to dirt, so it pulls it out of and off your skin while also moisturizing. 

This makes micellar water an all-around good addition to your beauty routine because it cleanses, removes makeup and moisturizes at the same time. What busy gal on the go doesn’t want one product that can do all that? 

Even The Derm Review touts micellar water as the “magical skin product you won’t want to live without.” If you can’t live without it, then it’s time to fully embrace micellar water and discover all it can do for you. Because, believe it or not, there’s more.

1. Micellar water for autumn

This is the perfect time of year to hop on the micellar water bandwagon. As the temperatures cool, the air gets dryer, and your face does too. Any product that will add moisture, while subtracting skin-drying alternatives, is a good idea in our books.

2. Nightly cleanser

Micellar water was created in France as a solution for people who wanted to wash but couldn’t use the harsh water from their faucets. The fact that it’s been around for hundreds of years, and that it was designed exactly for this purpose, is what makes it an easy choice. 

A simple cotton ball is a perfect applicator for your nightly wash. The best part is it doesn’t require rinsing.

3. Makeup remover

If you’re doing it right, you can use your micellar water to remove makeup and wash your face before bed, all in one swipe or dab. 

While micellar water is great at getting off powder and eyeshadow, it should be noted that heavy foundation and waterproof mascara still need a little extra work. If you use these products, expect to keep your usual makeup remover around.

4. Moisturizer

As mentioned, micelles are just little oil molecules that are suspended in water. While the oil helps pull out dirt, other oil, and impurities, it also moisturizes your skin. 

If you’re currently using an abrasive or drying cleanser, you’ll see a huge difference in moisture and hydration.

5. Nourishment

Many of today’s micellar water brands want to stand out from the rest, so they offer something else, too. If you feel your skin is lacking, then adding one of these enhanced micellar water products to your beauty line up might be just what you need to level the playing field. 

6. Morning refresh

Don’t simply think of micellar water was a way to cleanse away the day’s grime. It also works on any nighttime impurities you pick up. Anyone out there sleep with a pet? Using micellar water in the morning before you put on your makeup gives you a clean and fresh surface to start with.

7. Makeup touchup

A little micellar water goes a long way. If you’ve messed up your makeup a little bit, there’s no reason to wash or clean your whole face, just dab a cotton swab with micellar water on the area and clean up your mistake.

8. After the gym

It’s not our favorite thing to admit, but after a sweaty workout, sometimes we don’t go home and wash our faces as we should. A micellar water towelette is a perfect addition to your gym bag. Just wipe and go after class, and you’ll not only have the fresh glow a hard workout gives you, but you’ll be clean and moisturized, too. 

To put it simply

How did you ever survive without micellar water? When you see all the different ways this oil-enriched water can help your face, you’ll be wondering just that. 

To make the most of your micellar water, dampen a cotton ball completely, and gently rub it on your face to clean, moisturize, and remove makeup. If you’re trying to clean off eye makeup, use a sturdier cotton pad and press it to your eye, then dab at your makeup.

While a bottle and cotton balls are great at home, the towelettes are perfect for on-the-go convenience. And now that you’ve found this little miracle water, it’s time to take full advantage of its benefits.