Mindfulness can enhance your beauty routine, inside and out

Are you working to be more mindful in your daily life? If not, you’re missing out on one of the hottest new health trends. 

At Simple Beauty, we believe that an approach to wellness that considers the whole body is at the core of any beauty routine. A good self-care regimen can provide you with the necessary tools to achieve glowing results.

Being mindful is a goal that helps you stay in the present and at peace. Which, in turn, boosts your mental and physical health. There are some pretty wonderful and amazing things that can come out of practicing mindfulness, but we’re here to specifically discuss how it can positively affect your beauty routine.

A brief overview of mindfulness

You’ll hear over and over that mindfulness is about being in the moment. But you’re always in the moment, right? So, what does that mean exactly? 

Think about the last time you were out with a group of friends having coffee or a drink. People are chatting, and they start talking about something that really doesn’t interest you. How long before you mentally check out? 

Even though you’re still there and you can nod and partially listen, your brain is already thinking about what you’re going to do next weekend or if you want dessert.

That’s just one example. There are many times throughout your day when you are lost in thought, or you’re planning the future or worrying about the past. You’re most likely just letting your brain run wild rather than being focused on what’s happening around you. 

How to practice mindfulness

Once you really begin to understand what mindfulness is and then start noticing yourself drifting, you can pull your mind back to the present. This takes time and effort, so don’t worry if it feels hard at first, you’ll get better at it.

Many people recommend mindfulness meditation, and you can totally try it. For some, this dedicated time for mindfulness is important. Other people find that just retraining their brains whenever they drift off can be all they need.

Mindfulness in your skincare routine

Rather than sitting in a quiet place and practicing mindfulness, why not test yourself, and include a little mindful meditation in your daily skincare routine. 

Right away, you’re challenging your brain to focus on the here and now while you’re doing a task that you probably find pretty tedious and monotonous. 

Here’s how to get started with a mindful skincare routine:

Look at your face. Really examine it and how the skin looks. Do you have a new pimple, a dry patch? Is it puffy today, or does it have an inner glow? Note what’s happening regularly, and you might be able to see a pattern. You might find that certain meals cause you to have more puffiness or oiliness. 

Do some breathing techniques. Deep breathing helps you center, and it relaxes the body, which can make your skincare routine more enjoyable. Also, (this is a great added benefit) most of your skincare products have fantastic scents. Enjoy them!

Give your skin a massage. Sure you rub some stuff in but are you really enjoying it and massaging it in? Why not make this part of your routine? It’s great for your skin, it encourages the products to really get in there, and it feels incredible.

Put thought into your product choices. Are you using a product just because you’ve always used it? Or is it something you saw an influencer use? These are two of the top ways that people select their beauty care products, and while they’re not the worst ways to make a decision, they’re not decisions customized to your skin’s here-and-now needs. Look for a variety of naturally-derived and healing skincare products, which treat all of your individualized concerns. 

Simple Beauty's line of products is designed to make experiencing beautiful skincare easier for you, not complicated. Inspired by nature and backed with science, all of our products contain naturally-derived and toxin-free ingredients that protect and heal the skin by providing long-lasting hydration, even complexion, brighter skin tone, and a restored youthful glow. Everything you need in one place. 

Have the right products at hand. Some days your routine will change due to a pimple outbreak or some other concern, and you want to have the right products available to give your skin what it deserves.

To put it simply

Mindfulness during your skincare routine not only gives your skin the attention it deserves, but it also gives you a chance to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Being mindful increases harmony with your inner self and the world around you. When you stop worrying about the past and the future, and instead start to focus on the right now, you become better able to adapt and adjust to changes in life, and you’re simply happier. 

Using this technique during your beauty routines takes the routine out of the process and makes each time a new event. There may be new things you notice and see that need attention or need recognition for looking better. When your skincare moves away from being something you have to do to something you do with intention, the results can blow you away!