Mud Pack Day: 6 Reasons to try one this fall + the perfect recipe

The leaves are changing color, there’s a crispness in the air, you’ve tucked yourself into your favorite cozy sweater and boots–there’s only one thing missing. A mud pack! And there’s not a more perfect day than Mud Pack Day on September 30th. 

Autumn is the perfect time to plan a pampering day and give your face a nice healing mud pack to prepare for the harsh weather to come. 

What is a mud pack?

For those who’ve never tried a mud mask, don’t worry, no one is suggesting you use the mud from your garden. Mud masks use a combination of special muds that contains ingredients designed to nurture and nourish your skin. You can actually choose the ingredients based on the pack you pick. 

Mud packs are similar to mud masks, which typically come in powder or mud form already pre-made. A mud pack can be a set of pre-made masks chosen to target specific needs.

If you opt for the powder mud, you’ll have to mix it with water yourself. A word of warning here, mud can be runnier than a clay mask. You’ll want to protect your clothing or, better yet, try one in the bath so you can really relax and enjoy it.

Why you need a mud pack

A mud pack isn’t the most glamorous thing, but it sure feels good, and it’s great for your skin. While it’s a great idea to do them regularly, it’s especially important to refresh your skin after your summer break. Here’s why.

1. It’s a cleanser

After months of playing in the sun, sand, and surf, you’ve no doubt built up a lot of sunscreen, salt, sand, and other outdoor impurities. Mud masks and mud packs are excellent cleansers with a gently abrasive quality.

2. It works as a moisturizer

Because mud packs are water-based, they soothe your skin by hydrating and softening. The mud compound lets the moisture sit on your skin and soak in for a deep cellular refresh.

3. Mud packs are anti-aging

Mud packs are often mixed with some clay to get a few additional benefits. One of them is the collagen-boosting effect of clay

Using cosmetic clay, researchers found that animals receiving daily treatments had an increased number of collagen fibers. Collagen is essential for maintaining skin structure and elasticity, and warding off signs of aging.

4. They work as an exfoliant

There’s a gentle abrasive quality to mud packs and masks, but most of their exfoliating power comes from the tightening process. When the mud dries, it constricts and tightens on your skin. Dead skin cells stick to the pack, and as it’s washed away, so are the dead skin cells.

5. It’s a great detoxifier

While the mud pack pulls dead skin cells off the surface of your face, it also pulls out impurities from the surface and from within your pores. This strips your skin of sunscreen residue, grime from the beach and water, and other impurities you’ve collected over the summer. 

6. Mud packs improve circulation

Mud packs and masks are known to improve circulation under the skin, and in the process, they prompt skin repair. This heals stressed-out skin and makes your dull skin look bright and youthful.

Make your own mud pack

You can always opt for a commercial mud mask, and there are a lot of fantastic ones on the market in all different price ranges. But where’s the fun in that, 

Make your own mud pack, and you can control the ingredients.

DIY Mud Pack Recipe

2 teaspoons Fuller’s earth

1 teaspoon dead sea minerals

1 teaspoon zeolite powder

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon warm water

2-3 drops tea tree oil

Add all ingredients to a small dish and mix until it forms a paste. If it’s still too dry, add a few drops of warm water.

This is a basic mud pack recipe, and you can easily customize it by skipping the tea tree oil and opting for another essential oil. Feel free to make changes, and maybe try some of your favorite mask ingredients.

Important first step

You also want to be sure that you cleanse your skin before putting on a mud mask; otherwise, you're layering a mask on top of dirt, bacteria, and daily toxins. Simple Beauty's Daily Purifying Cleanser is a gentle yet effective way to remove makeup and clear away impurities and excess oils.

The cleanser's natural botanicals work to soothe skin, and if applying gently in circular motions, this is a perfect way to prep your skin for a perfect mini spa session.

To put it simply

A new season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to give your face a fresh start. Mud masks and mud packs use a combination of mud, water, and other ingredients to add nutrients and rehydrate your face and begin the healing process by improving circulation, removing dead skin cells, and other impurities. They also make your skin feel amazing. The key is to make sure you wash away impurities beforehand, and the Simple Beauty Daily Purifying Cleanser is a gentle way to achieve a prepped foundation ready for your at-home spa day. 

You can buy a commercial mud mask or mud pack that has all the ingredients you want, or become a master mud pack mixer and mix your own concoctions. Either way, it puts a bright new glow on your face and kicks off the season with a healthy approach.