Are peel-off masks the answer to all of your skincare needs?

There’s something oddly alluring and satisfying about watching a peel-off mask on social or even posting our own. But other than using a mask for a moment in the social sun, are they worth it? 

Masks can be worth it if you’re using the right ones and catering them to your skin type. They can also be a complete waste of money too. 

Get the low down on what you need to know about peel-off masks. Remember, even if you stop or cut back on doing them yourself, you can still watch them all you want.

Benefits of a peel-off mask

Let’s skip the obvious selfie bonus that comes with doing a mask and talk about the actual benefits you can get from a peel-off mask. Each mask is different, and each person will have different results, but these are the possible upsides:

♦ Dead skin and dirt are pulled away

Antioxidants help your face fight free radicals

♦ Reduces pore size 

♦ Firms your skin

♦ Makes your skin look brighter

♦ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

♦ Soak up excess oil without dehydrating

♦ Gently removes small facial hairs

♦ Hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes

♦ Anti-inflammatory properties can calm irritated skin

Tips for applying a face mask

These are some tips that will help you get better results when using a face mask. 

♦ Wash your face first with lukewarm water to get rid of surface oil and dirt

♦ Pat your skin dry, don’t rub

♦ Apply an even, thick layer of the mask onto your face

♦ Avoid applying the mask to your eyebrows, eye area, and directly around your mouth

♦ Be gentle when peeling and don’t rub

♦ Follow up with nourishing products that instantly refuel your skin

Are you doing it wrong?

If you feel you’re not getting all the benefits you could out of a face mask, maybe you’re making a few mistakes. Work them out, and suddenly you’ll love what a mask can do again.

Are you overusing your face masks? While they’re fun to do and fun to watch, they shouldn’t be done more than once a week. Maybe even less. Too many face masks can actually lead to damaged skin, overdrying, and even clogged pores–exactly the thing you’re trying to remedy.

Beyond frequency, another way to overuse a face mask is to leave it on too long. Longer is not better, so stick to the recommendations on the package, and you’ll get the best results.

While the ads make it look like you’ll be able to rip off the mask in one swipe, that’s probably not going to be the case. Rather than aiming to get one piece, work instead to remove the mask slowly and carefully, so you don’t damage your skin.

Along a similar line, your skin can become damaged if you’re doing too much to it. Space out your masking with your waxing, your threading, your dermabrasion treatments, and anything else that can be harsh on your skin.

Finally, are you picking the right mask for your skin type? This is a big concern because using the wrong mask can be bad for your skin, and it could be a waste of money.

Finding the right face mask

Knowing what your skin type is can get you headed in the right direction, but it’s not always cut and dry. Those people who have combination skin are all too aware of the fact that skin can be oily in one area and dry in the next. 

Think of your skin as a pie chart if you need to. Divide your chart up to determine what your biggest concerns are and begin by tackling them. Then pick a mask to deal with your number one concern–go for the big pie slice. These tips will help.

Oily skin. Look for a clay mask, and try some different types of clay to see if one works better for you. They’re super absorbent and great at pulling out toxic agents and cleaning pores.

Combination skin. Look for masks with natural humectants that nourish your skin all over. 

Dry skin. Give that dry, itchy skin the moisture and hydration it needs by focusing on moisturizing oils and trying to avoid products that pull too much out of your skin.

To put it simply

Masks are even more fun when you are using them correctly and picking exactly the right ones for your skin type. The tips above will help you transform your mask routine into something that works even better for you.

Remember to treat your skin to a mask only once a week, prepare your skin for the mask, be gentle, and use only the ingredients your skin needs. Then be extra careful when removing your mask. A quick, nourishing treatment and your skin should radiate.

Put your mask knowledge to the test, and start picking ones that work better for your face. It’s still fun to take a selfie and share it, but imagine how great it will be to post the follow-up picture of how awesome your skin is.