The must-explore skincare trends and tips of 2020

Get ready for some mind-blowing skincare tips that are going to rock your world in 2020. You know the basics, so let’s move further into the science of skincare and the trends that people are going wild about. 

If you’re ready to be a skincare trendsetter, then let’s get started.

Beauty drinks and elixirs

There’s been a huge push for nutrition in the beauty world for hair, skin, nails, and more. You’ve heard it, and you know you should be fueling your body with nutrients and more water than you can possibly consume.

Now you can skip all the meal planning and nutrient counting and head right to a beauty drink to get your nutrients. Of course, these drinks aren’t substitutes for a great diet, but they’ll help you get the healthy skin you want.

Vegan state of mind

In the future, a plant-centric approach to health and wellness is going to finally make some serious traction, and expect your skincare products to respond. There’s an all-around wellness theme that comes with the vegetarian and vegan approach, so you’ll start seeing a surge in alternative beliefs as well as all-natural products.

Physics and digital = Phygital

Cusping the decade, phygital beauty made its appearance at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. It’s so exciting and creepy at the same time that this is sure to be the way you shop for beauty products in the future. 

A phygital retail experience uses artificial intelligence and online shopping to read your face and recommend products that are customized to your unique needs. 

All about you

The phygital trend plays really well with the bespoke skincare trend. Why use products that are designed for a lot of people like you, when you can get customized products designed for you and only you? 

What if it gets even better, and you can change your customized skincare products depending on the time of year or trends? It’s all going to be coming your way this decade. So, get ready to pamper yourself like never before.

Smell it and more

The science of functional fragrances is picking up steam, and by the end of this decade, expect your skincare products to have scents designed to boost skin health. 

If you think that sounds a little odd, then it’s time to look to science. An article in NOVA specifically hits on the strange olfactory receptors found in your skin. Even more interesting, it appears as if these “sniffers” are an important part of healing. 

In the study, Sandalore (a sandalwood oil synthetic) bound to olfactory receptors in the skin, never making it to the brain as they would when sniffed by your nose. Instead, only the scent bound itself to the receptors and immediately began dividing and migrating to repair damaged skin.


Don’t worry, we’re not going to harp on you for not wearing sunscreen as you should or for not constantly applying it every two hours. But the cosmetic industry is finally responding to our concerns. Prepare for a new way to master sun exposure in 2020 and beyond. 

♦ Easier, more thorough application methods

♦ Light, rich with vitamin D, will not be blocked

♦ Better nanotechnology for a lighter, more transparent finish

♦ Reef safe ingredients for the health of the ocean

♦ Multipurpose sunscreen that works as foundation and moisturizer

♦ And could it finally be time for sunscreen in a pill?

Recyclable, sustainable, non-plastic packaging

While this has nothing to do with your cosmetic appearance, it does have a lot to do with the cosmetic industry. The shift toward packaging that is more eco-friendly is going to be a big driver in the beauty industry. It might even be the reason you make some of your skincare product decisions.

To put it simply

It’s interesting to see that the future of skincare seems almost diametrically opposed. And yet, it comes together in a synergistic way that makes more sense than anything we’ve seen in the beauty movement in a long time.

On the one hand, it’s all about “me”–the individual. There will be customized and unique products everywhere. You’ll be able to get the nutrition and hydration you need and adapt your skincare products to your current needs, and you might never have to leave your house to do this, which will give you more time to be awesome.

On the other hand, it’s all about the world. Higher consciousness and a sense of responsibility toward the world are dictating a lot of purchases. From sunscreens that don’t hurt the ocean, to cruelty-free and animal-free cosmetics, even down to eco-friendly packaging. 

Leading the charge is the beauty industry, which is blazing trails and setting new standards of customized health and beauty while saving the planet.