Looking your best on Zoom calls

Remember two years ago when you had a whole beauty routine you'd do every day and night ensuring flawless skin for your many in-person engagements? That was nice. Post-COVID, your priorities shifted, and your public persona became private overnight and your looks? Well, those quickly became an afterthought. Enter Zoom. At first, it was awkward and different, but now you're an expert.

From fitness class and work meetings to happy hours and even the dating world—entire lives have become virtual, and we all realized we can still look good. Your beauty routine is still as important, if not more so—it's something you can do each day that stays consistent and is good for you. So, how does a beauty routine differ for a Zoom get-together? If you've reverted to your usual routine or gasp you're not doing anything at all, we've got some great tips to share.

You can look amazing on your virtual meetings and dates, and you don't have to go all out with your old routine. We agree you shouldn't have to spend an hour looking good for a meeting that will last 10 minutes. But you can look fantastic in just a few, with some regular skincare tips (that WILL improve the condition of your skin) and a health-forward approach. So, let's dive in.

Skincare tips for virtual meetings

Camera angles. Good lighting. Flattering pastel colors. You’ve heard all of those tips before. Now, it’s time to get serious about your skin. Because, let’s face it – your computer camera is not doing you any favors.

Create a good skincare routine. 

Think of your skincare routine as something essential, not optional. If you want to have healthy skin that looks radiant, you need to create a practical skincare routine. Don’t go all crazy with things that take too much time or ones that you’ll never follow through on. Instead, put your focus on cleaning, hydration, and protection.

Food and nutrition

Hey, good skin doesn’t just happen because you smear stuff on your face. All of your health, including skin health, comes from within. That means you need to put good stuff inside you to get the best lookout outside appearance. Nutrition can be confusing, you have some individual needs, preferences, and maybe even some allergies to consider. Learning the science of food and figuring out your own healthy diet is the best way to go. One area where you can’t go wrong, moisture and hydration. Add water to your diet or focus on great natural, plant-based foods that are full of water – like watermelon.


Are you heading outdoors more than usual just to break up the day and the monotony? If so, don't skip your sunscreen. You also need to learn how to apply sunscreen correctly. It needs to be applied and rubbed in thoroughly, at least 30 +minutes before you go outside, or it's ineffective. Also, if it's been more than two hours since you applied your sunscreen, you need to do it again. So, for those people who go for little walks three or four times a day, you need sunscreen before each walk – a half-hour before.

Lean away from a full face of makeup. Here’s some great news, your flaws are harder to see on camera, and if you use a light ring, they almost disappear. That means there’s no reason to load up your face with coverup, foundation, and a lot of other heavy pore-clogging products. Lean into lighter tinted lotions and a touch of eye makeup for a subtle and healthy finish.

Dewy does it. Before Covid hit, the dewy and glowy skin trend was a huge hit. You can still make the most of this look by using cream products rather than powder ones and using a facial mister. The trick is that you don’t want to overdo it and look like you haven’t washed your skin in days.

Buy a bundle. Focus on using products that are designed to work together. Getting a beauty bundle, like the Simple Beauty Bundle gives you everything you need for that youthful, glowing skin, and it’s harmonized to work together. The best thing about being a regular user of this bundle is that after a little time of regular use, your skin will not only be and look healthier, but you’ll feel the difference, too. It’s not just about the virtual meeting. You’re going to come out of this whole thing looking amazing.

To put it simply

Looking great for a virtual meeting has a lot of elements if you want to do it right. But the only thing you can't hide (we know you're wearing sweatpants) is your skin! Sure, you want to put some attention into your background and lighting, and of course, your do. But you also need to give your skin some love. And we mean serious, long-term relationship love. Not a quick pass-by before the camera comes on.

To make the most of your skin in your virtual meetings, you really need to create a routine that fuels it with healthy nutrients, moisture, and protection. You know a lot of the do's and don'ts already – moisturize, use sunscreen, cleanse. You should also stick with good quality products that nourish your skin. The Simple Beauty Bundle is here for you with everything you need to start a complete skincare routine. Find a diet that's customized to you, but that gives you the best nutrition possible. And the best news, you don't need as much makeup as you did in-person to look even better.