What causes dry skin and how to address it

If you’re plagued by dry skin, you’ve probably tried everything you can think of to address it and bring soft hydration to your face. Some solutions bring you a little relief, others do nothing, and sometimes, you find you’re suddenly dealing with oily skin. And with the a cold winter coming up, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is a priority. 

As you've probably experienced, having the heater on all night or wanting to go out for some winter sports fun can cause some serious dry skin. BUt a little dry skin shouldn't stop you from enjoying your winter, which is why your skin needs more protection and a change in your routine during this season. There are a few solutions that can make dry skin a thing of the past, during the winter and always. 

Signs of dry skin

You know when you have dry skin. It’s flaky and feels tight after you wash it. You have dry, red spots. These all seem like logical signs of dry skin, and they can be, but they can also point to other concerns, mainly because each person’s skin is unique. 

Let’s look a little deeper into the signs of dry skin.

♦ Redness can be a sign of dry skin, it can also be a sign of irritation due to over-exfoliating, harsh chemicals, or something your skin is sensitive to.

♦ Flaking happens when your skin is super dry, but it can also occur if you have a dermatological issue like eczema or atopic dermatitis.

♦ That tight feeling after washing is almost never related to a dry skin condition—it’s typically associated with a harsh cleanser that dries out your skin.

♦ Tight feeling in the skin upon waking is more indicative of skin that’s dried out overnight. 

What causes dry skin

Sure, genetics play a big part in dry skin, and that’s something you can’t change. You can only learn to work with it, but there are a few other causes of dry skin that you do have control over.

♦ Improper hydration

♦ Too much exfoliating

♦ Too much washing

♦ Unbalanced skin pH

♦ Gut health concerns

♦ Exposure to harsh chemicals

♦ Ingredient allergies or sensitivities

♦ Dermatological conditions

♦ Cold winter air 

♦ Dry air caused by heaters and cold climate

Sun exposure

♦ Smoking

♦ Too much alcohol

Looking at the list of dry skin causes, you might see that some “cures” are within your control and take your skincare regimen in a different direction. Rather than solely focusing on what you put on your skin, you also need to consider what you put in your body and what external and environmental exposure you have. 

With this inside-out approach to skincare, you begin by powering up the health of your entire body from the inside by focusing on eating right, drinking lots of water, cutting back on bad habits, and paying attention to your environment. Then it’s time to turn your attention to the outside of your body and make the most of the ingredients you use.

Ingredients to fight dryness

Some ingredients are simply better for your skin because they’re loaded with moisture, healthy nutrients, and they promote retention of these essential ingredients. All of these ingredients are important factors in protecting your skin against the cold, and sometimes harsh, elements. 

Aloe vera is known for its moisturizing and soothing abilities.

♦ Vitamin A is where retinoids come from, and it’s a skin-health-boosting necessity.

♦ Hyaluronic acid keeps your tissues lubricated and moist, and it’s naturally found in your skin.

Lactic acid (yes, the same ingredient found in dairy products) is a hero when it comes to softening and beautifying the skin.

♦ Chamomile flower extract deeply conditions and rejuvenates skin cells.

Simple Beauty Trio 

To ensure you’re nourishing your skin with ingredients that are designed to be gentle, yet effective during the harshest winters, Simple Beauty has bundled three of its essential products together to give you a complete approach to skincare that’s thorough and packed with moisture-loving ingredients.

With the Simple Beauty Trio, you start with the Daily Purifying Cleanser that moisturizes with Aloe vera and soothes your skin with chamomile extract and other ingredients that fight dryness. It is the perfect balance of clean and moisturizing, so you never finish with tight, dry skin.

The Eye Serum delivers concentrated ingredients to the fragile skin around your eyes that can quickly show signs of aging. It’s a great way to combat wrinkles before starting with hydrating peptides.

Finally, the trio also contains the Retinol Moisturizer, which is powered by a natural and potent blend of vitamin A, peptides, and natural botanicals that include Aloe vera and chamomile extract. The quick absorption helps to relieve dry skin immediately, helping you look radiant and healthy. 

To put it simply

Your dry skin woes have many different causes, some of which you can fix with lifestyle changes and the proper ingredients both inside and outside your body, and other factors you have less control over. The good news is that even if you don’t have much control over what’s causing your dry skin, you can still combat it.

To add moisture to your skin, you should first look at how you’re nourishing your body and if you’re consuming enough hydration and healthy ingredients on a regular basis. Then it’s time to add hydration and moisture promoting ingredients to your skincare routine.

The Simple Beauty Trio takes all of the guesswork out of selecting products to treat dry skin and gives you a complete and easy-to-follow system that puts moisture where you want it and helps your body naturally hold onto that precious hydration. It’s a top-to-bottom approach to getting the skin you’ve always wanted.