The facial massage & the return of glowing skin

What if the way you apply your beauty products is just as important as the products themselves? 

That’s an interesting concept that has a lot of validity. The truth is that massaging your face not only promotes oxygen and blood flow but also contributes to a brighter skin tone and appearance. So, combining high-quality products with the practice of facial massages on a daily basis will have you glowing with the youthful radiance you’ve dreamed of. 

Tips for a spa facial massage at home

Getting a facial at a spa every single day is living the dream. Unfortunately, not many people can really live that dream, but that doesn’t mean your face shouldn’t be treated to a daily massage. The following tips will help you create that spa-like face massage at home.


The preparation is important but doesn’t need to take long. Pull your hair back, and clean your face and hands with a gentle antibacterial cleanser. 

Your whole hand

While your fingertips help apply products to your face and should be used gently around your eyes, using your whole hand and your palms to rub the larger facial muscles thoroughly can be very effective.

The motion

Always try to massage upward and outward, never pulling downward on your facial skin. 

Facial massager

If you’d like to purchase a facial massager to help you stimulate blood flow, help with the absorption of your favorite product, and rejuvenate your face, there are several different products on the market to choose from. You’ll need to shop around a little to find the one that works best for you and fits in your budget.

More than your face

Some of the tension expressed in your face doesn’t start there, it starts in your neck and shoulders.  Try to include these areas in your regular massage to help your facial muscles relax.

Make it pleasant

Self-care shouldn’t feel like a chore. This is not a time to check off a list of things to do in an effort to look and feel better. Instead, try to make this time into something you enjoy and a special part of your day. 

Listening to soothing music, taking a bath or shower while you’re massaging, even watching television can help you turn this into your time. You deserve it, and you should enjoy it.

The best ingredients for your facial

While the technique is important, the products you use are still vital to your skin’s health and appearance. Try to find products that contain the following ingredients for maximum benefit.

Aloe vera. This plant is known around the globe for its healing and hydrating abilities. Using products with this ingredient will promote natural beauty.

Chamomile. More than a delicious tea, chamomile extract has skin-soothing properties and is a deep conditioning agent that prompts skin cell rejuvenation. If you suffer from “tired eyes,” try resting with used and cooled chamomile tea bags on your eyelids.

Coconut oil. This ingredient is not only good for cooking, but it’s also wonderful for your skin because of its antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Sea salt. If you’re looking for a gentle scrub that will remove dead skin cells, add a little sea salt to your massage with a DIY sea salt facial scrubs. Just be sure to be careful and not too aggressive.

Simple Beauty Daily Purifying Cleanser

Using facial massage techniques while you clean your face and while you apply your moisturizer gives you a nice, long relaxing break that brings nutrient-rich blood to your skin through increased circulation. Adding Simple Beauty’s Daily Purifying Cleanser to your routine makes it even more effective.

Using only the best, simple ingredients, Daily Purifying Cleanser gently cleans your face while delivering essential moisture from aloe vera and the soothing effects of chamomile. These essential ingredients are the reason this cleanser is so effective and yet so effortless. Let’s face it, you deserve to have an easy path to beautiful skin that works.

To put it simply

Facials and face massages are some of the most effective ways to get healthy, glowing skin. When you pair a massage with the right natural ingredients, your skin benefits in multiple ways.

But it’s not just about how great your skin looks–it goes deeper than that. Having incredible skin is a statement of your self-worth. It shows that you value yourself, your health, and your appearance. Now more than ever, having the time to find an effective beauty routine that helps you thrive, inside and out, means that you’re prioritizing yourself, and that’s what’s really important.