The secret to a great hydrating face mask

Have you joined the sheet mask revolution? Face masks have moved from simply a fun selfie opportunity to an important part of a healthy skincare regimen. Unfortunately, not all facial masks are made the same.

What makes a hydrating face mask successful and a key to your skin health? It’s not the price of the product, but the ingredients that pave the way to success. Let’s dive deeper into what makes a face mask go from “meh” to magnificent.

Hydrating face mask ingredients

One of the first ingredients to pay attention to is what the sheet mask is made of. What are the construction ingredients? 

Paper masks tend to be too thin to be very effective, while bio-cellulose and hydro-gel masks work well because they adhere to the face and don’t dry out. 

Next, turn your attention to the key ingredients in the mask that give your skin hydration and moisture. Hyaluronic acid binds more water molecules for more moisture. This is a very popular ingredient, and it’s incredibly effective.

You’ll also want to consider the following ingredients:

♦ Vitamin E is a good skin-firming ingredient.

♦ Alpha-hydroxy acid exfoliates and cleans pores.

♦ Salicylic acid removes oil.

♦ Topical sulfur is great at fighting acne-causing bacteria.

♦ Aloe vera fights inflammation and soothes.

♦ Coconut unclogs pores while adding moisture.

♦ Charcoal can draw out impurities and brighten your skin.

♦ Oatmeal is a great exfoliator with soothing properties.

♦ Antioxidants are found in many botanicals, and they’re fabulous for protecting your skin.

DIY hydrating masks

Don’t want to buy a face mask? That’s okay–you can make one! One of the best ways to control what ingredients you use is to make your own face mask. A couple of our favorites are:

Fruity mask

Mix a half a banana with a tablespoon of orange juice and a tablespoon of honey and apply. Let this mask sit for 15 minutes before rinsing, and you’ll feel and look refreshed.

Breakfast mask

Start your day off right with one egg yolk, one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon coconut oil (warmed to liquid form), and a half a cup of oatmeal. Combine these ingredients and apply them to your face for about 15 minutes before rinsing clear and making the most of your day.

Anti-acne mask

Mix three tablespoons of turmeric powder with two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and just enough water to create a thick paste. Apply to your entire face or use it to spot treat pimples. Leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing clear.

Tips for using a face mask

No matter what type of face mask you’re going to use, the following tips can help you make the most of the process.

♦ Shop for a face mask that’s designed to treat your individual skin type and concerns.

♦ Always apply a face mask to clean, dry skin.

♦ Don’t just clean your face, wash your hands too if you’re using them to smear on your mask.

♦ Follow the product instructions to make the most of your chosen mask.

♦ Moisturize with Simple Beauty’s Retinol Moisturizer after masking.

♦ Use masks regularly, from one to three times weekly.

Prioritize self-care

Taking the time to not only find a great face mask that delivers the hydration your skin needs but also carving out the time needed to use it is important. It’s way too easy to put your needs on the back burner, which is unfortunate when you deserve better.

Putting your self-care treatments at the top of your list not only makes you look and feel better, but it also encourages you to be a better person overall. Supporting yourself in ways that fulfill your goals can help you emerge from trying circumstances as a better, fuller, and more beautiful version of yourself. You’re worth it!

Simple Beauty Fine Line Eye Serum

Now that you’ve reaped all the rewards you can from your hydrating face mask, let’s take that power and pair it with Simple Beauty’s Fine Line Eye Serum for even greater impact.

The soothing botanicals in this eye serum work with your freshly moisturized face to nourish, renew, and maintain the health of this delicate area. The skin around your eyes is one of the quickest areas to show signs of age, which is why adding moisture and nourishment to that area is so crucial to looking your best.

To get the best results, make sure you’re using an eye serum, not an eye cream. Serums typically contain Matrixyl and Eyeliss, which are powerful ingredients that aren’t found in creams. These botanicals, combined with others, work on a deeper level to give you both preventative and restorative benefits. 

After giving your eyes some much-needed attention with the Fine Line Eye Serum, we recommend following up with our Age-Defying Retinol Moisturizer for a full-face skin indulgence. With natural botanicals that include Aloe vera and chamomile extract and a powerful blend of peptides and vitamin A, this moisturizer will work quickly to help relieve dry skin and lock in the moisturizing effects of your face mask.

To put it simply

Hydrating face masks are quickly becoming a must-have for a healthy and complete skincare routine. They add moisture and vital nutrients while letting you take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy “me time.” 

To make the most of your mask moments, make sure you’re getting the best ingredients that are designed to treat your skincare concerns. The best part is it doesn’t matter how you experience a mask; sheet, cream, or DIY—great ingredients always deliver.

Amplify the benefits of your face mask by creating a healthy skincare routine that puts you and your needs first. Focus on an easy routine that you can maintain, which is one in which you value quality, not quantity. This sets the stage for a lifetime of great skin choices.