7 Steps to an ever-inspiring Korean beauty skincare routine

Do you ever wonder why Korean skincare is so trendy? Many Koreans highly value glowing skin, which is in large part due to a cultural tradition of skincare that goes above and beyond what most of us do. 

While morning and nightly Korean skincare routine might be too much for you to invest in, both in time and money, taking a few tips from them can give your face a delightful glow and a healthy appearance. 

Modified Korean skincare routine

One big note when using a Korean approach to skincare is that the focus is on natural products and elements of the earth. To make the most of any beauty routine, always look for all-natural products that have no unhealthy fillers.

1. Washing thoroughly

The cleansing portion of both the morning and nightly ritual is essential and perhaps the most important part of a good skincare routine. At night, a double cleanse is often used to remove makeup and then to draw out impurities in your pores. In the morning, a water-only rinse will set the stage for your day.

When washing, no harsh soaps or chemicals are used, only all-natural purifying cleansers. Gentle is the focus here, and if you need to repeat a gentle wash more than once to get a deep clean, then that’s what you do.

2. Toner

Both in the morning and night, a toner is used to balance the skin’s pH level and to help you absorb the products used in the following steps.

3. Essence

This is key to the flawless skin that many Korean women strive for. A good essence is a hybrid between a toner and a serum that hydrates the skin while helping the cellular renewal process. It leads to more elasticity and firmness. It can also brighten your appearance.

4. Ampoule

While you went light with the essence, you’re going to go a bit heavier with the ampoule. This concentrated collection of active ingredients is targeted to your skincare needs. 

Loaded with vitamins, one drop of a high-quality ampoule goes a long way and should be applied directly to your problem areas.

5. Eye cream

Eye cream is typically a nighttime-only part of the routine, but if you need a little extra help in the daytime, look for products specifically made to work with your makeup. Gently dab this product around your eyes, and let it absorb and dry on its own.

6. Moisturize

The routine of cleansing at the beginning of the morning and the night, even with the most gentle products or just water, can dry out your skin and removes natural oils. This means that you need to replenish the oils with moisturizer. 

A lightweight emulsion is a great product to have because it adds moisture without a thick or greasy layer. Make sure to include your neck in the moisturizing portion of your routine, and use your fingers to massage in a circular motion to bolster your circulation gently.

For your daytime moisturizing, make sure you select a product that has SPF, so you’re protected from the damaging effects of the sun. At night you won’t need this extra protection.

7. Sleeping pack

Of course, this step is just for your nighttime routine. A sleeping pack is a moisturizing mask that locks in your emulsion and keeps your face soft and supple through the night. 

To put it simply

If it feels like a Korean skincare routine is extensive and takes more time than your makeup regimen, then you’re doing it right. Nurturing your skin is what makes it look fantastic and keeps it healthy and vibrant. The glow that many Korean women have is not from their makeup; it’s a natural glow that comes from within.

The main takeaway from this morning and nighttime routine is the focus on gentle, and all-natural products. Make cleansing and moisturizing your two priorities. They’re so important that you’ll be doing both several times each day. 

Stick with it. This skincare regimen is not a one-and-done solution to having flawless, youthful skin. It’s a lifetime commitment to giving your skin what it needs. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with envy-inspiring skin that has a healthy glow.