Power your simple beauty routine with sleep

All those late-night Netflix binges aren’t doing any favors for your skin. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 3 in 10 adults over 18 reports sleeping fewer than 7hours a night, the baseline recommendation for adults 18-60. For adults 61-64, the range is 7 to 9 hours and for adults 65 plus, 7 to 8 hours.

Sleep is essential because this is when the body uses to repair and recover, which is important for health and beauty. In fact, getting enough sleep is an important complement to your skincare regimen.

Let’s look at some of the ways your skin can benefit from ensuring you get enough Zs.

Fewer wrinkles

Your hours of sleep are when the skin manufactures new collagen, the protein that provides structure, elasticity, and strength of skin and the ability to replace dead skin cells. Sleep impacts metabolism and glucose levels.

With less collagen, the skin is more likely to wrinkle, and even getting by on just 5 hours a night leaves lines more visible. Simple Beauty’s Age-Defying Retinol Moisturizer can reduce the appearance of wrinkles with its cell-boosting blend of botanicals and retinol. Retinol is known to encourage the production of your natural collagen.

Glowing skin

During sleep, the nervous system switches to a parasympathetic state, which brings increased blood flow and oxygen to the skin. Without adequate sleep, your skin won’t have that healthy glow.

Under-eye bags

Most of us are concerned at one time or another about under-eye circles or puffiness, one of the most prevalent signs of missed sleep. To further reduce puffiness, stay hydrated by drinking enough water during the day, and limit dehydrating caffeine and alcohol. Consider using a firm pillow to elevate the head.

When you are not getting enough sleep, you experience inadequate blood flow. This will tend to cause the blood pooling under the eyes and is visible under thin under-eye skin. With enough rest, you’ll start to minimize dark circles. A dab of Fine Line Eye Serum can also help stimulate blood circulation, which can help to reduce the long term effects of bags under the eyes.

Cortisol control

You’ve likely heard about cortisol as a stress hormone that, in excess, leads to unhealthy belly fat, but did you know excess cortisol also impacts the skin

When we don’t have enough sleep, cortisol levels rise, breaking down tissue that leads to thinner skin. Cortisol also elevates blood glucose, which puts your body in an inflammatory state. When you are overtired, you are more likely to crave carbs, especially refined carbs and sugars. Cortisol raises blood glucose while inhibiting insulin production, causing further damage. 

Power up your skincare regimen

Losing downtime needed for skin repair, hydration, and detox means your skin just doesn’t have the time to address damage from UV rays and oxidative stress. The blood flow during sleep hours promotes the actions of ingredients in your skincare products.

Sleep tips for healthier skin

Now that you know that a good night’s sleep is key to healthy, glowing skin, what can you do to change your sleep habits for the better?

Skip that afternoon latte. Avoid caffeine after lunchtime. The effects of caffeine are cumulative and linger for up to 12 hours. If you drink tea or coffee in the afternoon or evening, switch to decaf or an herbal variety.

Rethink that drink. That bedtime glass of wine might make you feel drowsy, but alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system and disrupts the sleep rhythm. After an hour or two, when you would be in deeper sleep, the body begins to detox alcohol by pulling water from the cells to flush through the kidneys and bladder. 

Midnight snack? A light snack of carbohydrate and milk may help you get to sleep, hopefully before midnight. Milk contains l-tryptophan, an amino acid that the body converts to serotonin, which regulates mood and sleep.

Wind down. It’s hard to go straight from work to a sleepy state. About an hour before you’re ready for bed, brush your teeth, and do whatever else you need to get ready.

Don’t forget to wash your face! When you’re tired, it’s tempting to skip your skincare steps. Washing away impurities and makeup makes it easier for your skin to slough off dead skin cells to replace with new cells. 

Simple Beauty’s Daily Purifying Cleanser is formulated with naturally-derived botanicals that gently work to clear away impurities and excess oils. You won’t have to worry about overnight clogged pores anymore.

The Simple Beauty Bundle

Complete your healthy skin regimen with the Simple Beauty Bundle. The bundle combines the Daily Purifying Cleanser with the Fine Line Eye Serum, Skin-Brightening Spot Corrector, and Age-Defying Retinol Moisturizer for a perfect skincare package. Each product works together to deeply cleanse, revive, and replenish moisture without stripping your skin of its natural oils. 

The aloe vera, chamomile, and green tea will help to increase hydration while soothing your skin from stress and protecting it from harmful elements. Remember, your blood circulation increases during sleep, so you’ll optimize the benefits of the ingredients. With the decreased appearance of dark circles and puffiness, you’ll feel the rejuvenation with a well-rested glow. 

To put it simply

Sleep is a necessary component in maintaining our health and beauty, to repair and recover from our day. While you know this, it could be hard to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. The key is figuring out what works for you and incorporating some simple daily practices along with supporting nutrition. 

The Simple Beauty Bundle is a simple way to add a beauty practice to your day, to ensure your skin is protected and nourished while you find your sleep routine. Simple Beauty understands that our busy lifestyles and daily stress might get in the way of a complex skincare regimen, which is why we desire is to create honest, effortless skincare solutions designed to deliver radiant, youthful-looking results, despite our lifestyles and responsibilities.